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Sample Lineage Research Report

David White
Ohio and Pennsylvania Records


Catalog #



11/08/96 977.1 x220 1880 v3 Ohio Genealogical Society, comp., Ohio 1880 Census Index, Volume III, N-Z, (Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing, 1991)




1880 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Ohio


11/08/96 977.1 x22h 1860 Linda F. Harshman, comp., Index to the 1860 Federal Census Ohio, Volume II, K-Z, (Mineral Ridge, OH: Linda F. Harshman, 1979)




1870 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Ohio




1860 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Ohio


11/08/96 977.1 x2p 1850 Ohio Family Historians, comp., Ohio 1850 Census Index, (Mineral Ridge, OH: Linda F. Harshman, 1972)




1850 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Ohio




Jefferson County, Ohio Grantee and Grantor Index, volume 1, 1800-1869




Jefferson County, Ohio Deeds, Volumes X-Y, 1843-1846


11/08/96 974.8 x2j 1840 R. V. Jackson, ed., Pennsylvania 1840 Census Index, (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc., 1978)




1840 Federal Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania




Jefferson County, Ohio Death Records, Volumes 1-3, 1867-1908


11/11/96 977.1 x22h 1860 Linda F. Harshman, comp., Index to the 1860 Federal Census Ohio, Volume II, K-Z, (Mineral Ridge, OH: Linda F. Harshman, 1979)




1860 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Ohio


11/11/96 977.169 P28a v10 Reva Ashcraft, comp., Will Book 10, 1884-1888, Jefferson County, Ohio (Toronto, OH: Reva Ashcraft, 1995)


11/11/96 977.169 Vx2f v6 Leila S. Francy, comp., Marriage Records of Jefferson County, Ohio, Book 6, (OH: Leila S. Francy, 19??)


11/11/96 977.169 V2f v7 Leila S. Francy, comp., Marriage Records of Jefferson County, Ohio, Book 7, 1850-1866, (Toronto, OH: Doubletree Researchers, 1991)


11/11/96 977.169 V2f v8 Leila S. Francy, comp., Marriage Records of Jefferson County, Ohio, Book 8, 1865-1883, (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1993)


11/11/96 977.169 v22t Esther W. Powell, comp., Tombstone Inscriptions & Family Records of Jefferson County, Ohio, (Akron, OH: Esther Powell, 1967)


11/11/96 974.8 x2j 1830 R. V. Jackson, ed., 1830 Pennsylvania Census Index, (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc., 1976)




1830 Federal Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania


11/11/96 FHL [Checked for property tax lists for Washington County, PA from 1820 to 1830 - none at the Family History Library] nil
11/11/96 974.8 x2j 1820 R. V. Jackson, ed., 1820 Pennsylvania Census Index, (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc., 1978)




1820 Federal Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania




Washington County, Pennsylvania Index to Wills, M-Z, 1781-1935




Washington County, Pennsylvania Will Book 6


Abstract 1

David White, Sr. Page 228d Jefferson Co. Island Creek

Document 2

[COPIED] ED 101, Sheet 4, Folio 288d, Island Creek Township, Jefferson Co., OH, 3 Jun 1880, Dwelling 32, Family 32.

WHITE, David, Sr. wm81 head wd. Farmer PA PA PA maimed, crippled
  David, Jr. wm42 son md. Farmer OH PA PA  
  Sarah wf46 dau s   PA PA PA  
  Mary wf07 dau s   IA OH ?  

[This David WHITE was the only man listed in Jefferson County, Ohio in the 1880 census index. His age corresponds to that of your ancestor.]

Abstract 3

David White Page 93 Jefferson Co. Island Creek

Document 4

[COPIED] Folio 331b, Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, 25 Jul 1870, PO Salineville, Dwelling 320, Family 298

WHITE, David 71 mw Farmer $13,000 $1,500 PA
  Mary 69 fw keeping house     PA
  Sarah 30 fw       PA
  Ebenezer 21 mw works on farm     OH

[This census also represents that of your ancestors and it includes at least two of their children that you can add to the family group sheet.]

Document 5

[COPIED] Folio 93b, Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, 30 Jun 1860, PO Island Creek, Dwelling 1295, Family 1267.

WHITE, David 61 m Farmer $5,000 $2,000 PA
  Mary 59 f       PA
  Samuel 25 m Farm laborer     PA
  Sarah 24 f       PA
  David 21 m Farm laborer     PA
  Rebecca 19 f       PA
  William R. 14 m school     OH
  Ebenezer 12 m school     OH

[This is your ancestral family in the 1860 census of Jefferson Co., OH. Several more children are found living with them and they can be added to the family group sheets. Most of the children were born in Pennsylvania, so the family had only been OH for a short time.]

Abstract 6

David White Page 1026 Jefferson Co. Island Creek

Document 7

[COPIED] Page 1026, Folio 513b, Island Creek Township, Jefferson Co., OH, 4 Oct 1850, Dwelling 1898, Family 1953.

WHITE, David 51 m Farmer $4,000 PA
  Mary 48 f     PA
  John 20 m     PA
  Samuel 18 m     PA
  Sarah 16 f     PA
  David 12 m     PA
  Rebecca 10 f     PA
  William R. 04 f     PA
  Elizabeth 02 f [sic - Ebenezer]   PA

[This is the David WHITE family in 1850. It appears that David and his wife lived out their lives in Island Creek Township. The child named Elizabeth is probably Ebenezer instead - I never found mention of Elizabeth again in the censuses and "she" is exactly the proper age to represent Ebenezer.]

Abstract 8

David WHITE from Isaac GRAFTON Y:82 [first listing in the index]

[checked grantee index only to Book L #2]

Document 9

[COPIED] 26 Mar 1845. Isaac GRAFTON and June his wife of Jefferson Co., OH to David WHITE of Washington Co., PA. For $3,500 GRAFTON sold to WHITE land in Jefferson Co., OH bounded "Beginning at the North West corner of Section number Twelve (12) Township number Seven (7) in Range number Two (2) thence South One hundred and eighty eight perches to a White Oak thence East One hundred and Sixty and eight tenth perches to a post in a run, thence North Twenty-four perches to a post in the center of said Section, thence West twenty four perches to a post in the run, thence North Sixteen degrees West One hundred and Fifty four perches to a Maple tree, thence North nine degrees east Sixteen perches to a beech in the North boundary of said Section, thence West Ninety Six perches to the place of beginning containing one hundred and thirty five acres two quarters and twenty poles . . ." Signed: Isaac GRAFTON, Jane GRAFTON. Witnessed: Benjamin McFARLAND, Beatty McFARLAND. On 26 Mar 1845 in Jefferson County, OH, Isaac and Jane GRAFTON acknowledged this deed. Recorded 19 Apr 1845. [This document represents the first land purchase for David WHITE in Jefferson County, Ohio. He and his family probably moved to Ohio shortly after this purchase. This land purchase provides proof that your ancestor was indeed from Washington Co., PA.]

Abstract 10

WHITE, D. W. Washington Page 276 Millsbor
WHITE, David " Page 231 Chartier
WHITE, David " Page 036 Hanover
WHITE, David " Page 065 S. Straba

[This listing represents all of the David WHITEs listed as heads of household in Washington Co., PA in the 1840 census index.]

Document 11

WHITE, David 021000001 010001 Page 36, Line 4, Hanover Twp.
WHITE, Moses 000001 10011 Page 36, Line 5, Hanover Twp.
WHITE, David 000000001 000000001 Page 65, Line 9, S. Straban Twp.
WHITE, David 210001 021001 Page 231, Line 8, Chartiers Twp.
WHITE, D. W. 0100001 2101001 Page 276, Line 8, Millsboro

[I rechecked the index (above) and noted that there were no John WHITE heads of households in Chartier Twp. Your ancestor was definitely the head of household in Chartiers Twp., because he was the only David WHITE of the proper age. The column headings of the actual document will explain the numerical statistics listed above - (please see document).]

Document 12

Volume 1, Page 94. Registered May 1876, #18. Mary WHITE died 3 Jan 1876 at Island Creek, aged 73 years, 5 months. She was married and born in Pennsylvania. The names of her parents were not recorded. Mary WHITE was white and she died of inflammation of the bowels at Island Creek. The township assessor reported the death.

Volume 2, Page 120. Registered June 1888, #32. David WHITE died 12 Jul 1887 at Island Creek. He was a widower, born 10 Apr 1799 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. David was white and worked at farming. He died of gangrene at Island Creek.

[Checked all of volume 1 and volume 2 records for ancestral WHITE family deaths - no others than those listed above were found. An exact date and place for David’s birth was found in the death records, but his parent’s names were not listed. I suspect that his birthplace and birthdate were inscribed in the family bible and that is how it was known in order to report it. Mary WHITE’s death record was not nearly as specific, however, it did report that she was born in PA on 3 August 1802 (from age information).]

Abstract 13

David SHELLY Jefferson Co. Knox Twp. 108

Document 14

[COPIED] Folio 108a, Jefferson Co., OH, Knox Twp., 7 Jul 1860, PO Knoxville, Dwelling 1499, Family 1464.

SHELLY, John 73 m Farmer $7,500 $1,500 PA
  Barbara 72 f       PA

[COPIED] Folio 108a, Dwelling 1500, Family 1465

SHELLY, David 37 m Farmer $8,000 $1,000 PA
  Jane 34 f       PA
  John 09 m school     OH
  Mary 08 f school     OH
  Ross 05 m school     OH
  Barbara 04 f       OH
  David 02 m       OH
HASLETT, William 24 m Farm laborer     OH
TENON, Sophia 17 f       OH

[This is Jane (WHITE) SHELLY and her family - including her children and husband, David SHELLY. It is VERY likely that the elderly John and Barbara SHELLY enumerated next door to David SHELLY’s family were, in fact, David’s parents.]

Document 15

Page 541, Will Book 10. General File #1817. Made 13 Mar 1880. Probated 13 Jul 1887. David WHITE of Island Creek.
Eldest daughter, Jane SHELLY
Daughter, Mary Ann WALKER
Son, John
Son, Samuel
Daughter, Sarah
Son, David
Daughter, Rebecca Jane SWICKARD
Son, Ebenezer
Executor: John WILLIAMSON and David SHELLY
Witnesses: Jonathan BERRY and O.A.C. MEYER

[NOTE: The original will and estate records are not on file at the SLC, UT Family History Library. The file can be ordered from the county probate court, however. This will lists the married names of each of the girls - Sarah remained unmarried past 1880. The file should contain additional information about the heirs - where they were living, the amount of each of their settlements, etc.]

Abstract 16

Page 46 of published book. Page 271 #819 of Book 6 Jefferson Co., OH Marriage Records. "William WALKER and Mary Ann WHITE m. 5 May 1848 by Wm. LORIMER, M.G. May 3 - William WALKER sworn as to ages and affidavit filed."

Page 69 of published book. Page 419 #222 of Book 6 Jefferson Co., OH Marriage Records. "David SHELLEY and Jane WHITE m. 25 Apr 1850 by J. C. CAMPBELL, M.G. 17 Apr - David WHITE’s voucher filed."

[These marriages were simply abstracted for you for documentation purposes.]

Abstract 17

[Checked for marriage of Rebecca WHITE to SWICKARD - nil]

Abstract 18

Page 35 of published book. Page 109 of Book 8, Part 1 Jefferson Co., OH Marriage Records. "Mathias S. SWICKARD and Rebecca WHITE were married 26 Mar 1868 by J. P. BLACK, Min. 19 Mar - vouched for by C. M. MAY. Island Creek."

[Again, this marriage was abstracted so that you could add the information to the David WHITE family group sheet.]

Document 19

Page 56. Knoxville United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Knox Twp., Jefferson Co., OH.
WHITE, David 4-10- 1799-1887
wife Mary 1802-1876
SHELLY, David 1823-1907
wife Jane 1826-1892

Page 104. Richmond Cemetery, Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., OH. Presbyterian.
WHITE, William died 1863 age 18 son of David and Mary

[Checked for William and Mary (WHITE) WALKER - nil; Checked for Mathias and Rebecca (WHITE) SWICKARD - nil]

Abstract 20

WHITE, John 248 Chartiers Washington Co.
WHITE, John 263 Robinson "
WHITE, John 284 Hopewell "
WHITE, John 154 Nottingham "
WHITE, John 269 Smith "
WHITE, John Jr. 254 Mt. Pleas "
WHITE, John Jr. 249 Chartiers "
WHITE, John S. 271 Smith "
WHITE, David 271 Smith "
WHITE, David 252 Mt. Pleas "
WHITE, David W. 73 E. Bet "

[These are the John and David WHITES of Washington Co., PA in the 1830 index. Obviously, there are several "pairs" living in the same townships. However, since we know that your ancestor was a resident of Chartiers Twp. in 1840, this was the first place that I looked for him in 1830 - David may have been living in John WHITE’s household.]

Abstract 21

WHITE, John 1010101001 101020001 Page 248, Line 24
WHITE, Samuel 110001 000101 Page 248, Line 25
WHITE, John Jr. 01001 00001 Page 249, Line 13
WHITE, Robert 0010001 12111 Page 250, Line 2

[The above names were all the WHITES listed as heads of household in the 1830 census of Chartiers Twp., Washington Co., PA. John WHITE did have a male in his household aged 20-30 years who may have represented your ancestor, David WHITE. David would have been 30/31 years old in 1830. Also, John WHITE’s household had a female less than 5 who may have represented Jane WHITE, age 4, daughter of David and Mary WHITE. John WHITE, son of David and Mary WHITE was born in 1829/30, thus he may have been the young male less than 5 years old in John WHITE’s household. The numerical statistics listed above have the same column headings as those of the 1840 census (see document 11) From this record, we know that John WHITE of Chartiers Twp. was born between 1750 and 1760. His wife was born between 1760 and 1770. Since David reported in the 1880 census that both of his parents were born in PA, then all this information can be added to John WHITE’s family group sheet.]

Abstract 22

[Checked only for all John WHITEs in Chartiers Twp., Washington Co., PA]

WHITE, John Esq. Chartiers 156 Washington Co.

Abstract 23

WHITE, John Esq. 010201 - 10101 - 03 Page 156, Line 14

[Three employed in agriculture. The numerical statistics for this census are as follows: column 1=males less than 10; column 2=males 10 less than 16; column 3=males 16 less than 18; column 4=males 18 less than 26; column 5=males 26 less than 45; and column 6=males over 45; column 7=females less than 10; column 8=females 10 less than 16; column 9=females 16 less than 26 and column 10=females 26 less than 45.]

Abstract 24

[Checked for wills for John WHITE who died between 1830 and 1840 - nil]

WHITE, John prob. 11 Sep 1843 Book 6; Page 199
WHITE, John prob. 4 Nov 1848 Book 6; Page 630

Document 25

[COPIED] Will of John WHITE of Chartiers Twp., Washington Co., PA. Written 8 Dec 1832.
    1 To son James WHITE, $140.00 being part of $440.00 in the hands of my sons James and John WHITE.
    2 To son John WHITE, $300.00 being remainder of above said $440.00.
    3 To son William WHITE, all the proceeds of the farm and mill on cross creek sold to John BROWN except $200.00 which I give to my son Ebenezer WHITE
    4 To son Ebenezer WHITE, $200.00 from the proceeds of the farm and mill on cross creek mentioned above.
    5 To daughter Agness McELROY, $100.00 for her use.
    6 To daughter Mary Ann STUART, $100.00 for her use.
    7 To daughter Sarah STUART, $100.00 for her use.
    8 To daughter Anne ANDERSON, $100.00 for her use.
    9 To son David WHITE, $800.00 out of the price of the property I sold to him and Matthew WHITE.
    10 To son Samuel WHITE, $800.00 to be paid to him by David and Matthew WHITE as part of the price of the above property.
    11 To son Matthew WHITE, $1,000.00, part of the price of the property sold to him and David WHITE
   12 To grandson John MELONE, $400.00 to be subject to the management of his mother, Margaret, my daughter, who was married to John MELONE.
   13 Remainder of estate to be divided equally betwen my after named children: Daughter Agness; son James; daughters Mary Anne and Sarah STUART; daughter Anne ANDERSON, and my daughter Margaret, my son David, Samuel and Matthew.
    14 If my daughter Mary Ann STUART or her husband prosecute a claim they suppose to have against me which I consider paid, they shall not be entitled to any of the above devises.
    15 To daughter Margaret, my case of drawers.
Executors: James and Matthew WHITE.
Signed: John WHITE
Witnesses: Hugh FERGUS and James B. PATTERSON
A codicil (addition) to the will was written by John WHITE on 20 Jan 1838.

To my son Ebenezer $100.00 to be paid after the first specified legacies are paid in lieu of part of the $200.00 to be paid to him by William WHITE.

Signed: John WHITE
Witness: James McELROY

Washington Co., PA. On 11 Sep 1843, Hugh FERGUS and James B. PATTERSON acknowledged witnessing the will of John WHITE (above).
Washington Co., PA. On 11 Sep 1843, James McELLROY acknowledged witnessing the codicil to the will of John WHITE (above).
Washington Co., PA. On 11 Sep 1843, Letters Testamentary were issued to James WHITE, Esqr. and Matthew WHITE, executors named in the will.
Will registered on 12 Sep 1843.

[The sibling’s names, the geographical location of this John WHITE (Chartiers Twp. - where David WHITE was listed as a head of household in 1840) and the fact that David WHITE was listed as a son of John WHITE certainly provides ample evidence that the ancestry that you have is correct.]



This session thoroughly documented David and Mary WHITE and their children in Jefferson Co., OH and Washington Co., PA. Jane (WHITE) SHELLY had many siblings who lived into adulthood. It appears from William R. WHITE’s death date that perhaps he died as a soldier in the Civil War. This session also began to document the life and times of his father, John WHITE. John WHITE was variously listed as John WHITE, Esquire in records, denoting a family prestige and/or education. His son, James WHITE, was named James WHITE, Esq. in the execution of John WHITE’s will.

In the next session, work can commence with studying land records of Washington Co., PA. John WHITE mentioned several land transactions in his will, suggesting that he was a landowner. It is possible that John WHITE’s land transactions will lend clues as to his father’s name and/or the geographic area from whence he removed to Washington Co. Land records study can be time consuming, so it may take three hours to sift through and studying the more important transactions (first transactions and those with family members).

I anticipate that the land records of Washington Co., PA will enable us to continue extending the WHITE ancestry. Also, in the next session, county histories, vital records, early censuses and early tax records can be studied to try to give us more information about the WHITE family.



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