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I received genealogy info today and was very pleased at what
you found. You covered all the areas I was interested in and more. - C. K.

You're awesome!!! :)  I can't believe you found the paperwork on my grandpa. I have absolutely nothing on him. - D. P.

Many researchers have gone after this problem but you
are the first person to produce results. I'm impressed! . . .
Thanks for all your great work! - Larry H.

Ed was right.  You are very good.  Thank
you for responding so quickly.  I will be using you
much more.  -  Dick J.

I received the research packet that you completed and all I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for your thorough, detailed report on my family history. Although all of the mysteries are not solved, it gives me great hope that I will be able to accomplish further results in the near future. I really appreciate all of your documenting as it makes my files much easier to keep track of information. I had a good feeling about you doing the research and I wasn't disappointed - especially with the information arriving today, right before Christmas. - Holly S.

Let me first say you are good. If I would have found you earlier I would be enjoying all my lines today. - Don M.

. . . received the papers today and been going through them. I find them very very interesting, you sure have done more for me and more detailed than the other researcher did and I'm really pleased with this information. - Fawn S.

Returned home from yesterday to find your mailing..... GREAT! It still amazes me that when one knows what they are doing, and knows where to look... there's a wealth of information readily available. Thank you so much. - John P.

You don't mess around. You actually do what you say you will do. You sure did a fine job! I guess you are qualified to be an excellent professional. - Paul M.


Online References

Most of my clients are very private individuals, so the list below represents only those clients who have volunteered to answer any of your questions regarding the quality of my research and/or intellectual capabilities.

Carolan at LSKDOD@aol.com



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