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Search for Surnames

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The Surname Helper website indexes all surnames in the USGenWeb sites (including queries, databases, and original records) as well as other types of genealogical sites. This is a great resource for finding "long lost relatives" as they migrated across the United States.

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The Genealogy Gateway indexes surnames in over 28,000 resource listings. You can register your web pages that have online GEDCOM data for inclusion into this searchable database. This site's HUGE Obituary and Tombstone links listing.

Surname Index
for Web Sites

Gendex indexes hundreds of World Wide Web databases that contain genealogical data for nearly five million individuals.  This is a good place to start with research.

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GenForum is a site hosting discussions of various surnames. You can search the GenForum for your surname. If there is a site for your surname, you can post queries, search the queries, or answer queries at that site.

Online Genealogical
Database Index

The Genealogical Database Index contains links to all known genealogical databases searchable through the Web.

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The Genealogy's Most Wanted site provides an alphabetical listing of web pages devoted to research of a particular surname. Includes adoption queries. This is a popular site and it is updated frequently.

Surname Origins

Most last names have a unique history that tells us about the medieval ancestors who gave us our surnames.  Search this site for your surname!  This site was voted a #1 www genealogy site by Genealogical Journeys in Time. You can also check out another surname origins list maintained by the Family Chronicle.

RootsWeb Graphic Link

RootsWeb has enhanced search engines for the 383,424-name Roots Surname List and the Roots Location List. They are working on bringing more databases like the Social Security Death Index, census extracts, and county history indices online.  RootsWeb has registries for family associations, family reunions, personal web pages, and professional genealogists.   RootsWeb states that they have two missions:  1.To make large volumes of data available to the online genealogical community at minimal cost. 2.To provide support services to online genealogical activities such as USENET newsgroup moderation, mailing list maintenance, surname list generation, etc.
surnamespring.GIF (1864 bytes) The Surname Springboard is a directory of home pages with family genealogies contained within them. This directory is indexed and searchable by surname. The directory is maintained by Allen Lacy and he'd like you to add your family page!

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Adoption resource center. Online birth parents contacts and queries, access to professional search assistance and other adoption related source material. You can look for a professional to help you in your search. There is a chat room, adoption articles in the adoption library, and an adoption reunion page. This is the best site that I have seen so far on adoption related issues. You may also like to visit another adoption resource, the AdoptioNetwork, a volunteer organization. BirthQuest is a searchable site where you can register and search for your adoptive parents or adopted children.

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Family Tree Maker's Internet FamilyFinder searches through genealogy pages on the Internet and returns links to  query matches found on Internet web pages (such as indexes, records, family histories, home pages containing trees, Ahnentafel, and ged2html files) as well as family association and name association pages. You can also search Family Tree Maker Online Sites:  Message Boards, Classified Ads, User Home Pages, reports on User Home pages, and other content.

Search for Living Relatives


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