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Queries 1998-99


A History of Newton, New Hampshire



1998-1999 Tewksbury Queries

  • Name: Dick Brenton
  • Email: brenton-at-cyberlink.bc.ca
  • Date: 24 Jun 1998

William Tewksbury born 1859/60 ME. Was electrician by trade. Married Rosamond Brenton, 1900 census says 7 years married. This census has them living at15 Emons St. Worcester MA. Their only child Harry Chester Tewksbury born at Millford MA 21 July 1901, died young. Rosamond was born at Williamsdale NS 8 December 1868. I have not been able to find any thing on this family past the birth of their child.

  • Name: Cheryl Missinne
  • Email: cmissinne-at-msxi.com
  • Date: 10 Jul 1998

I am trying to find further information on Daniel & Lucretia Tewkesbury. Daniel died before 1900 and Lucretia in 1904. They had 3 sons that I know of Walter, Daniel, and Charles Frances Henry, born 1886. I did find one tree in the family tree maker CD's but Daniel's date of death does not match up with my grandfather's date of birth. Any help would be appreciated.

[I have reference in my database to Daniel TEWKSBURY married Lucretia CHUBB 30 Mar 1858 in Lennox Township, Macomb County, Michigan. Daniel was born 7 Apr 1817 in NH and died 14 Apr 1880 in Ray Township, Macomb County, Michigan. This line might also be being researched by Ralph Tewksbury . . . Natalie.]

  • Name: Roger Jewett
  • Email: RROOGGEERR-at-aol.com
  • Date: 13 Jul 1998

I found in the list of names on your site a "Floyd JEWETT" and would like to see if there is any connection to my JEWETT ancestors. What we have proven is that our family is not part of the Jewett Family of America (JFA). around 1840-1850 the spelling was changed from JUETT to Jewett. Our family research finds that it may have been JOUETT prior to 1800 but we cannot link to that family in KY.  I posted the following message to the Tewksbury site earlier today. Looking forward to any info you have on Jewett to see if he has a link to my family. Thanks Cousin. One of my ancestors is Judith Saunders who was married to Eleazor Crocker on 4-7-1770. Judith was the daughter of Hannah Tewksbury who was married to James Saunders. I did not have any prior information for these individuals. Thanks for the information.

I can provide you with the downline to my grandchildren which is through 4 generations of Crockers, then 2 generations of Travis and then 4 generations of Jewett.  There is a web site for the Crocker info also.  Again, thanks cousin and let me know when or what parts of my information you would like.


Roger Jewett San Jose, CA RROOGGEERR-at-Aol.Com   rdjewett-at-hotmail.com 

  • Name: Janet Berry
  • Email: j.berry-at-att.net
  • Date: 06 Aug 1998

My grandfather was Francis Henry Tewksbury, born 6/11/1890 in Cumberland, WI. He had a sister Grace, m. Shirley Cross, and a brother, Ursel. I have no information past that, and am looking for any additional info. Thank you. Janet Berry

  • Name: Judith Braithwaite
  • Email: jb2547-at-aol.com
  • Date: 13 Aug 1998

Seeking info on: Judith Tewksbury b ABT 1766, of Rome, Kennebec, Maine. Her parents: Henry Tewksbury & Sarah Calfe. Judith md. Levi Jewell 13 Aug 1790, New Hampshire.

  • Name: Moonyean Field
  • Email: Moonyean-at-msn.com
  • Date: 07 Sep 1998

Seeking parents of Wilbur Issac Tewksbury b. April 18,1856 Atkinson, Maine later moved to Hartford, Ct. died there March 23, 1906. married Kate Lenora Meigs from Madison Ct.

  • Name: Linda Bruzzone
  • Email: VoirDire43-at-aol.com
  • Date: 11 Sep 1998

I am seeking information on Israel W. Porter, father of William Berkley Porter, born in 1829, Governeur, New York. Israel was married to a Lydia Harris first, then to a Lucy Church, lived in Wisconsin, as well. Had a son named Henry, daughter named Calista. Does anybody know anything else about this family. I do have information on him while in New York. It would be greatly appreciated, especially ancestry info.

  • Name: Jill Sargent Rank
  • Email: buckeyes-at-wesnet.com
  • Date: 18 Sep 1998

I'm looking for descendants of James O. Sargent He was born 1840 and died 1878. He was born in New Hampshire and died in Darke County, OH.

  • Email: alex_tewksbury-at-aol.com
  • Date: 29 Sep 1998

Looking for information regarding a Paul Tewksbury who relocated from Michigan to New Mexico in the early 1900s. ANY info. welcome....

  • Name: Donna House
  • Email: grass66-at-aol.com
  • Date: 06 Oct 1998

I saw Horace Wiley listed in your Tewksbury ancestry. He is my maternal great grandfather and I am trying to find info on him. He was born supposedly in Bar Harbor, Maine, to a family long established in the US, coming from Scotland. Protestant. He was a horticulturist or gardener. He married a Irish immigrant girl named Annie Sharkey and was disowned by his family for marrying a Catholic. They moved to Philadelphia, supposedly after having their home burnt down. Thanks.

  • Name: Sherry Breeding Chandler
  • Email: TwoBears-at-interserv.com
  • Date: 15 Oct 1998

I am looking for connections with the William Boyce TEWKSBURY family. Wm was b 4 Sep 1811 in Newbury, Orange Co, Vt. He m 4 Feb 1847 Newbury, Orange Co, VT Mary Jane SMITH. In 1850 the family was in Lamartine, Fond du Lac Co, WI. Wm & Mary's children: Mary E. b 1848 Newbury Samuel G. b 1851 WI Sarah Jane b 1855 WI Mary died there 12 May 1856. In 1860 Wm and children were back in Newbury, Orange Co, Vt.

  • Name: Michele Brown
  • Email: BHFFarmBridal-at-emcyber.com
  • Date: 24 Oct 1998

My grandmother was Vera Tewksbury Mowry, her father was Olin Tewksbury and he married Etta Parker and my grandmother was born 1895. They are from northeastern PA.

  • Name: Harold Blumer
  • Email: heblumer-at-ecol.net
  • Date: 14 Nov 1998

Where does the Tewksbury name and or its variations originate? Was it a family name in England or elsewhere? One authority in England says the Town of Tewksbury was named after a hermit named Theoc and Bury was the Saxon name for Town. I am also doing a book on Tewksburys beginning with Parker (1794-1863) who came to Wisconsin about 1855 from Danforth Maine. His father was Thomas. Parker had 4 sons: Parker Bradbury, David Elkin, James Dunning, and John.

  • Name: Annie M. Cilley
  • Email: cillisle-at-acadia.net
  • Date: 17 Nov 1998

Dorothy Cilley m. _?_ Tewksbury. she is the dau. of Leonard W., b. 1881, and Lina M. (Flanders) Cilley, b. 1882, of Orange,NH. Name of husband? Jean Tewksbury m. 25 Feb. 1966, Allan Randell Cilley, res. Bow, NH. Her parents?

  • Name: Chris Meekins
  • Email: chris_meekins-at-library.lib.ncsu.edu
  • Date: 17 Dec 1998

I am looking for information on Enos Cook Sanders (b.3/6/1835), Nathaniel H. Sanders (b.8/26/1833 d.1/5/1863), and their family group, which includes Abbie Sanders (b.12/1/1841). Nathaniel and Enos were stationed in my hometown, Elizabeth City, NC, during the Civil War. That is were Nathaniel was murdered. I am just trying to build a family group, looking for them and maybe a Horace T. Sanders. Any help is much appreciated. Also, and this is interesting in a different way, a newspaper report of a raid on my hometown in December 1863 is reported to the NY Times by a reporter who calls himself "Tewksbury", any ideas on who that might be?

  • Name: Dave Sharp
  • Email: dasharp-at-sharpenv.com
  • Date: 13 Jan 1999

Looking for origins of Mary TEWKSBURY, b. abt 1846, who m. Hibbard Newton LOOMIS in Meshoppen PA Dec. 24 1860. Mary d. Feb 7, 1908 in Clare MI.

  • Name: Joan Tewksbury
  • Email: JTewksb171-at-aol.com
  • Date: 23 Jan 1999

I am looking for the parents of Winthrop Tewksbury who lived and I believe died in Islip L.I. NY in the late 1930's or early 40's. He was married to Carolyn Graham. His grandparents were William Tewksbury and Lydia Crowell. They died in 1856 and 1851 respectively and are buried in the Romeny Marsh cemetery where ever that is. Williams parents were James Tewksbury and Mary Sargeant. Thanks for the help.

Joan Tewksbury

  • Name: Harlan B.Tewksbury
  • Email: RUTHTEWKS-at-msn.com
  • Date: 02 Feb 1999

Looking for info on my father Alton P. Tewksbury who married my Mother Miriam L. Rand in Bangor Maine on 11/24/20. His Father was Walter N. Tewksbury and his Mother was Annie Humphrey whose father lived in Hampden

  • Name: Ken Smith
  • Email: oldblue-at-epix.net
  • Date: 07 Feb 1999

Does anyone know the email address of Ralph & Linda Tewksbury in Parkersburg, WV?

  • Name: Eric Emfield
  • Email: eemfield-at-srv.net
  • Date: 13 Feb 1999

I am the editor and primary researcher for the Emfield Historical Society, a non-profit family organization that assists other researchers in finding their connections to the Emfield/Empfield/Enfield/etc.. phonetically similar surname(s). If you have any information that you are seeking on this particular name, or would like to share some information you have, please contact us at eemfield-at-srv.net. Thanks!

  • Name: Kevin V. King, PhD.
  • Email: KUWormboy-at-aol.com
  • HomePage: http://members.aol.com/kuwormboy/KingFamilyHistory/WebTree/WC_TOC.htm
  • Date: 24 Feb 1999

I would like to connect my Tewksberry ancestors to henry Tewksberry and Martha Copp. My 3GGranfather is Thomas Jefferson Tewksberry b.31 dec 1782 and his wife is born 10 Dec 1782. The couple were married 2 Jan 1800 in Maine

Any info would be appreciated! Check out my web site for more details. http://members.aol.com/kuwormboy/KingFamilyHistory/WebTree/WC_TOC.htm

  • Name: Jeannine Peters
  • Email: j9peters-at-prodigy.net
  • Date: 27 Feb 1999

Looking for info on Thomas Foster Hall and his wife, Betsey Hall who are buried in Tewkesbury Cemetery in Atkinson, Maine. Need maiden name of Betsey.

  • Name: Marnie Oakes
  • Email: theoakes-at-ma.ultranet.com
  • Date: 06 Mar 1999

I am seeking information on Judith Tewksbury who married Jedediah Flanders on February 8 1770, probably in or near Salisbury, MA. They had 11 children and moved to Cornville, ME in 1797. Any help on her parents or her birth or death dates would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  • Name: Jeannine Peters
  • Email: j9peters-at-prodigy.net
  • Date: 16 Mar 1999

Does anyone know where Hollesville, Maine might have been? I assume it was a small section of a town or village, possibly in the Atkinson area.

  • Name: Marnie Vaughan
  • Email: marnv-at-aol.com
  • Date: 18 Mar 1999

Searching for any Maryland TEWKSBURYs. I have a William TEWKSBURY/TUCKBURY born circa 1650 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. Father of Sarah, who married Charles HYATT. I would like to correspond with anyone who has info on this family. Thanks.

  • Name: Georgia Clasing
  • Email: GEClas-at-aol.com
  • Date: 21 Mar 1999

I am looking for anyone who can help me with a James Tewksbury of Boston, Mass. 1700's with a daug. Rebecca who mar. Jesse Holbrook. James Tewksbury may have marr.Esther Coleman or Frances Patterson. James father may have been Henry Tewksbury of Boston.  I would like to hear from anyone who can help me. Thanks Georgia

  • Name: Amy Watson
  • Email: stonediver-at-post.acadia.net
  • Date: 04 Apr 1999

I would like info on my grandfather, Roscoe Tewksbury. He lived in New Hampshire. He was killed in September ,1938, during the hurricane. Sadly, this occurred three months before the birth of my mother. He married Clara Wheeler, and they had five sons and one daughter (my mother). Thank you.

  • Name: W. Fraser c/o Clint
  • Email: aquarius_boy_14-at-yahoo.com
  • Date: 15 Apr 1999

I would like to know where my ancestor Jane Elizabeth Tewkesbury, father William Tewkesbury, of Ontario, fit into the Tewkesbury, MA family tree. Please and Thank-you!

  • Name: April Tewksbury
  • Email: chrisapr-at-concentric.net
  • Date: 30 Apr 1999

Does anyone have any relations to Midland Michigan area Tewksbury's?

  • Name: MaryAnn Tuxbury
  • Email: Maryannwz-at-aol.com
  • Date: 21 May 1999

I don't really have a query - but would love to hear from any Tuxburys/Tewksburys. My particular branch settled in Newbury, MA., and I live in Newburyport, MA. I am a descendant of one of the first settlers of Newbury, MA., and my family branch comes directly from England.

  • Name: Candy Parkison
  • Email: ingram-at-netwalk.com
  • Date: 25 May 1999

Looking for information on Martha Waters, Jetta Waters, Robbins Tewksbury and Howard Tewksbury. I do not know he year they were born. I am trying to trace my family tree. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.


  • Name: Ashley Perry
  • Email: blue-fish-at-juno.com
  • Date: 21 Jun 1999

I am looking for information on the history of the Juett family. I can only find things on Jewett. As far as I know my family has had only one spelling of the name. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Name: Donald Rockhill
  • Email: rockhill-at-dpc.net
  • Date: 15 Jul 1999

Does anyone know the surname of Sarah who was Jacob Tewksbury's wife? Jacob was the gr-grandson of Henry Tewkesbury and Martha Copp. 1. Henry m. Martha 2. John Tewkesbury m. Hannah Colby 3. Isaac Tuexbury m. Sarah Sargent 4. Jacob Tewksbury m. Sarah [last name not known]

  • Name: Kenneth R. Reffeitt
  • Email: reffeitt-at-marshall.edu
  • Date: 07 Sep 1999

Seeking information on my great-uncle's first wife who was a Miss Tewksbury of WV or IN where their two children: Carrie Mae and Everett were born. My uncle's name was Clinton Greer.

  • Name: Jo Mitton
  • Email: joanne.mitton25-at-freeserve.co.uk
  • Date: 13 Sep 1999

My five times great grandfather was married in Tewkesbury in May 1795 to Margaret Mann daughter of Francis & Mary Mann, they had 11 children. They also lived for about four years in the parish of Twyning, William dies in 1822 in Cheltenham. In 1813 his occupation was a STOCKING WORK KNITTER, can anyone help me find out where William came from, did he have to to an apprenticeship for his job, are there any records for the employers of the time. William also paid rent of 10 a year to a Mr Hingsbury of Tewkesbury between 1816 to 1819, are there any details of this Mr Hingsbury.

  • Name: Susan Atkinson
  • Email: susan.atkinson-at-sympatico.ca
  • Date: 21 Sep 1999

Hello, Does anyone have any information on Captain Robert Atkinson, or his Son Thomas. Thomas moved to Kent County New Brunswick and had a son Horatio. Horatio was the father of my Great - Grandfather William Douglas Atkinson of Maine about 1850. He ( William ) is who the one I really want the information on. But I will take any information on any of these Atkinsons. Thank you for reading this query. Susan Atkinson Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada

  • Name: cami mount
  • Email: csm81-at-aol.com
  • Date: 29 Sep 1999

I have two letters written to my great-great grandmother, Sarepta Tewksbury Doster (10/2/1846 - 8/2/1930), both have Clifford written at the top of the first page and are signed by ...your father Simon Tewksbury. The first letter is dated October 1, 1888, the second is dated December 10 and the envelope is postmarked 1897. I've found a Simon born 1818 in NH (New Hampshire??), and a Simon B, born 1819, also NH. Simon B. married Polly Porter in Summit, Ohio 9/20/1840. I don't have enough to know if either of these are my Simon.

In the letters, Simon mentions his farm (land records?), Victory (dying of consumption and grief from the loss of her children), Nancy, Byron, Ed, (and a new baby girl (1888)), Emming, Elith, Fred selling land (1897) Otas, and most frustrating of all "I married a woman one year ago, she is a kind & pleasant..." who remains nameless. Thanks for any attention and/or information... csm


  • Name: Delores Sargent
  • Email: sgt12862-at-aol.com
  • Date: 05 Oct 1999

How do I get to the Sargent page that I have found in the past? We are in the Cutting, Zebadiah, David line.

  • Name: Lois Bandt-Weber
  • Email: lbandt3445-at-aol.com
  • Date: 13 Oct 1999

Looking for ALL of the children by Jonathan & Eliz. Merrill Tewksbury m. 26 Nov. 1778, West Newbury, Mass. Understand there were 10. Was he a Revolutionary Patriot?

  • Name: Sara
  • Email: saratewksbury-at-hotmail.com
  • Date: 29 Oct 1999

Just wondering who I am related to. My grandfather was Blake Tewksbury and my grandmother was Margaret and they had two kids Blake and Mark.  Maybe that helps someone???? Hope to hear from someone my e-mail is saratewksbury-at-hotmail.com  thanks.

  • Name: Sande Bihlmaier
  • Email: chocolaholic-at-webtv.net
  • Date: 05 Nov 1999

I am looking for anyone related to my son. His father was John Michael Tewksbury, b. 1 July 1955 in MA and d. 14 May 1991 in NY. John's parents were Donald W. Tewksbury and Maureen O'Donnell. I was never married to John ("Tewks") but that should have no bearing on the fact that my son has a right to his genealogical research. If anyone has nay information or is related, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!!!  Sande

  • Name: Jamie Tewkesbury
  • Email: Tewky1-at-yahoo.com
  • Date: 18 Nov 1999

Just looking for some traces in the UK, to see if I can trace my family back. Also, does the name originate from the town in Gloustershire, England

  • Name: Jamie Tewkesbury
  • Email: tewky1-at-yahoo.com
  • Date: 18 Nov 1999

My grand mother was Louise Tewkesbury from the Hanworth area of London, England.  Died early 1990's, born early in the century, 1920's??? any one help me?

  • Name: Carol Thatcher Hall
  • Email: hall-at-drizzle.com
  • Date: 20 Nov 1999

My g-grandfather was James Tewksbury (b. 29 Apr 1863, Skinner's Eddy PA; m. Areta Rankin). My information is that his father was Samuel Tewksbury and his mother was "Millie" Jackson. Ring a bell for anyone?


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